Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Richardson Tribune Interview

Bill Richardson gave an extensive interview to the Albuquerque Tribune recently, which they have published in full on their website this morning. Although a New Mexico newspaper, this is an extensive profile piece that deals mainly with Richardson's quest for the Democratic nomination.

"Tribune: Tell us what you consider the three most important issues facing the nation.

Bill Richardson: First, energy security and national security. The issue of energy independence, how can we wean ourselves from the 65 (percent) imported oil statistic to become a country that is not so dependent on fossil fuels and shifts to renewable technologies.

Number two, how can we regain our standing in the world as a country. As part of that, how do we get out of Iraq in an efficient and honorable way.

Third, the state of our education system. Our schools need to become more competitive. We need to find ways to pay our teachers better, to restore America's ability to be able to send every kid to college or community college or vocational school."

More here.

Or head here to watch the video of the interview.